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For example) effects: Click, monsters, magic, pace, heart sounds, bowling, etc. GoStop
Music: sad, playful, mysterious, sports, fighting, Christmas etc.

Audio Requests & Inquiries | Please write the audio you wish to request.

Request Audio
Please request audio needed or those not in the Game Sound Library.
 --> Please provide as much information as possible about the audio you are seeking. We will be able to upload it more quickly and accurately.
Request Audio Selection
If you are having difficulties in choosing a sound for your game, just make a request! Game Sound designers will provide you with the most fitting sound selection for your game.
 --> Along with your company name and contact info, please fill out and/or attach sample audio, images, videos (YouTube), games, and sound lists to use as reference.
Premium Production Service
If you wish to invest in higher quality music, our Premium Production Service, which provides customized game music composition/arrangement, sound design, and voice actor recording, is just what you need!
 --> Musicians with 10+ years of experience will provide you with top quality music/sounds, and you will also receive 3 years of exclusive rights to the audio.
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