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For example) effects: Click, monsters, magic, pace, heart sounds, bowling, etc. GoStop
Music: sad, playful, mysterious, sports, fighting, Christmas etc.

Music Library | The sound library of game sounds.

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1. Audio from Game Sound Library can only be used for games.
2. A single purchase allows use within one game product only.
3. For license usage protection, you must register the
  license information within 30 days of your purchase.
    (Should the guidelines above not be followed,
    you will not be protected under copyright law and rights of ownership.)
4. Audio clip previews include voices or high frequency noises.
  (Illegal copying prevention measures)
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AFA009e2 a gentle breeze Part.A Light,Bright,Casual,Puzzle,Boardgame 길이 : 0:13,  템포 : 145
장르 : Orchestra (Pop-Cross),  주악기 : Drum, Synthesizer, Bass
AFA009e1 a gentle breeze_Bridge1 Light,Bright,Casual,Puzzle,Boardgame 길이 : 0:03,  템포 : 145
장르 : Orchestra (Pop-Cross),  주악기 : Drum, Synthesizer, Bass
AFA005e2 Sports Day (Bridge) Sporty,Light,Joy,Cheer 길이 : 0:11,  템포 : 136
장르 : Big Band,  주악기 : Brass
AFA002Ae5 Little Big Hero (B) Light,BigBand,Brass,Fanfare 길이 : 0:09,  템포 : 120
장르 : Big Band,  주악기 : Brass
AFA002Ae4 Little Big Hero (A) Light,BigBand,Brass,Fanfare 길이 : 0:10,  템포 : 120
장르 : Big Band,  주악기 : Brass
AFA009 a gentle breeze Light,Bright,Casual,Puzzle,Boardgame 길이 : 2:04,  템포 : 145
장르 : Orchestra (Pop-Cross),  주악기 : Keyboard, Synthesizer, Drum, Bass
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