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For example) effects: Click, monsters, magic, pace, heart sounds, bowling, etc. GoStop
Music: sad, playful, mysterious, sports, fighting, Christmas etc.

Administration and Copyright Info | This section provides Game Sound administration and copyright info.

Game Sound Library!

The Game Sound Library site provided by Orange Communications, Co., Ltd. is made exclusively for game developers.


Game Sound Design? We’ve got you covered!

We provide quick and easy searchesto vast game audio resources, including game music (BGM), sound effects (SFX), and voice effects, with secure licenses at a reasonable price.




How to Use Our Website

Step 1 Sign Up

Click on Sign Up in the center of the main page and proceed with real-name verification.



Step 2 Search for Audio

From the Music Library and Sound Effect menu, you can search for audio in different categories and also run a keyword search.

Additionally, in the Library Package menu you can purchase music packages of different game genres.



(Example of keywords: walking, footsteps, kitchen, airplane, gong, rock, fear, flute, tempo)

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just request what you need through the Audio Requests & Inquires board and we will upload it within 5 to 10 days!


Step 3 Add to Music Selection Cart

Add the audio to the Music Selection Cart



Step 4 Payment

Review the audio in your Music Selection Cart and make your final selection; keep the ones you want and delete the ones you don’t. Purchase them through Coin Payment.(You can purchase more coins if needed)



Step 5 Download

You can download your audio within 30 days of your purchase at Downloaded Audio.



Step 6 Register License Information

Register where the downloaded audio is being used at within 30 days of purchase on the Register License Information board.

[Game name, game image, expected release date, game platform, company name (if an individual, your name), link to YouTube video, etc.]

라이선스 정보등록.JPG


Step 7 Register Game Sound CI 

Please list Game Sound CI in your game’s credits (found on the right side of the Register License Information board) or our URL, Gamesound.co.kr.

Game Sound Design : GameSownd.png
Game Sound Design : Gamesound.or.kr  또는 K-mga.or.kr

Copyright (License) Information

Orange Communications Co., Ltd. reserves all rights, including business model patents, audio copyrights, neighboring rights of copyrights, and performance rights of the website.

Members of the site are permitted to use our audio as listed below.


Permitted Range of Copyright and Rights of Use

1. Orange Communications Co., Ltd. reserves audio copyrights, neighboring rights, and performance rights from all audio libraries, and users who purchase audio are limited to one game product.

2. All audio provided from this website can only be used for games.

3. Audio purchased once can only be used for one game product and the user retains rights of use for the duration of the game service. Rights of use shall automatically expire when the game service is terminated.

    Note, to use audio already purchased for a different product (game), the user must re-purchase and obtain rights of use again.

4. Authorized Regions Permitted Worldwide


Sale or Resale is Prohibited

5. Exclusive sale or resale of audio is prohibited.

    Also, the audio cannot be loaned, copied, resold, or transferred to a third party.

6. Users shall not make OST album type products of the audio using media such as Tape, CD-ROM, VTR Tape, DVD, Audio CD, Super CD, and etc.Distribution is strictly prohibited.

    Users may not distribute audio by providing downloads from a different location, and shall not distribute audio using online or offline methods.

7. Audio cannot be used for mainstream TV, CATV ads, commercial movies and alike.

8. Audio shall not be reproduced by editing. 


Register License Information

9. Purchaser must provide information of use (game information) and user information on the Register License Information board within 30 days of purchase.

       [Game name, game image, expected release date, game platform, company name (if an individual, your name),link to video if applicable]

10. Gamesound.or.kr or Korea Mobile Game Association CI must be included in the game’s INFO section.


Managing Rights of Use

11. Regardless of whether purchaser or purchasing developer is currently operating, the rights of use for this library audio depends on, as noted above in Article 3, the game service being active. Also, the individual or company registered under the information of use takes on managing and responsibility rights.


Game Sound Library License for Game Developing Company (Developer)

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www.Gamesound.or.kr /  game@gamesound.co.kr

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